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Namsan, Seoul Tower

Moonrise over Seoul, South Korea captured from Namsan Seoul Tower Park.

Namsan, Seoul Tower plays peek-a-boo with both locals and visitors to Seoul, South Korea while residing high above the city. It is a communication and observation tower located on Namsan Mountain in central Seoul, South Korea. At 236 metres, it marks the second highest point in Seoul, a major tourist landmark.

There are multiple ways to ascend to the top, depending upon your fitness level or how you prefer to make it to the top. You can take the Namsan Shuttle Bus or taxi, hike up the entire mountain, take the glass elevator, or walk up the stairs and take the Cable Car, which is what I recommend. My friend and I hiked the fifteen minutes straight uphill from the Myeongdong Station, (and it was quite the hike).

We then stood in line for tickets to ride the rest of the way up the mountain in the elevated glass cable car. Totally        worth the wait time and price of the ticket for the view!

Our timing was accidentally perfect, as we arrived with plenty of time to walk all around the beautiful Namsan Park and take in the Palgakjeong Pavilion, see Hello Kitty Island, the Love Locks, and finally climb to the roof terrace.

Once on the terrace we were able to watch the sunset from the western side of the tower and also view the beautiful full moon rising on the eastern side. Of course we also tried to decide where the border between North Korea and the south was as well as we gazed off into the north.

Love Locks

We capped off our visit to Seoul Tower by having traditional Korean food in a restaurant with glass walls and great views as we watched the lights of Seoul come alive!

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